When Your Calendar Says it’s Quarterly Review Time


It’s that time again. Do you have it marked on your calendar? I do, and it bites me in the ass every time.

Open up Evernote. Search for “Goals.” Mine were last updated on 8/9/2016 (I know because I put that in the title!). So I guess it’s not quite a ‘quarterly’ update then, but better late than never.

What were my goals?

  • Train my dog
    • Success! I’ve had two trainers since August of last year, and while he is by no means trained, he has made significant progress in his obedience.
  • Learn React
    • Mixed. I’ve taken several courses. I’ve delivered several features at work using React. But I don’t feel like I’ve become proficient, let alone an expert.
  • Get Shredded
    • This one is more fail than not. “Get Shredded” is a pretty binary goal – either you achieve or you don’t – but I’ve learned in the last six months that I have a problem binging on sugar and flour. It’s been 2.5 months since I’ve had my last candy bar, soda, or tortilla, and my weight is slowly sliding down.
  • Make strides towards a second stream of income
    • Mixed. While I have done some wishing, I haven’t dug in hard core into real estate.
    • However, I did recently make a list of things to focus on, and I’ve started to implement one of the ideas in the last week. That probably deserves it’s own post, if I find the interest.

I feel like my last few “Goals” posts set the bar too high. I’m not in a period of my life where I have the energy or desire to fire on all cylinders all the time. I’m enjoying spending an hour a day with my dog, and doing most of my own cooking. So I’ll try to pare it down.

New Goals:

  • Continue Training Riker
    • We’ve gone through 5 or 6 obedience sessions; at some point I want him to learn a skill like agility or dock jumping. We can’t do that until I have confindence in my control over him. After obedience sessions are over, we’re doing a 10 week trick class.
  • Stay Off Sugar and Flour
    • I think these are my achilles heels. If I can stay off of these, my “Get Shredded” goal will be a lot easier in the future.
  • Level Up My Productivity at Work
    • I realized recently that a large part of being a “senior software engineer” is just being familiar with the code. You’re a lot more valuable as a contributor if you’re aware of what’s going on in the codebase. My goal this quarter is not to learn new skills or good programming practices; it’s to cram code into my brain and poop it out.
  • Write for 20 minutes a Day
    • In pursuit of a second stream of income, I decided I need to form a writing habit. I’ve been tapping on this blog for a while, but I’ve always imagined myself writing fiction. Why not have a goal of “publishing” a book or story? Because that’s not the important thing right now – the important thing is the habit.

So there you have it. Quarterly Goals updated. Now do you.


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