When Life Takes a Left Turn

I don’t have the answers today.

I’ve been meaning to update things here for a while now. Things keep changing, though, and potential topics flutter away in the wind.

2017 approaches. So many goals achieved. So many goals utterly failed.

A girl I had recently been seeing told me she doesn’t “necessarily feel a romantic connection” today. The previous girl faded after 3 weeks. The girls before that? Various shades of nutcase, including the girl of my dreams that whirl-winded through my life in January.

How do you move forward with your goals when the ground shifts from under you?

In January I was set to move to San Diego with a different position at my job. By February I was head over heels for a girl I just happened to hit it off with from Tinder, and decided to stay put here in Santa Barbara. By April my romantic ideals had been turned on their head and my heart broken. In June I rescued a Belgian Malinois puppy and surrendered all of my spare time to cleaning up accidents and protecting shoes from slobber. By September I had decided 8 years at my company was enough, and I switched to another across town. For the last 3 months I’ve been attempting to get up to speed at my new job, date as often as possible, and work with my dog to make sure he doesn’t get taken away for biting.

So much for my plans to write a book – I haven’t even updated this blog!

So much for my plans to get down to 10% body fat – I’ve gained about 20lbs!

My plans to find a girlfriend, get a dog, and change jobs? Done! And undone. And done! And undone!

The bioinformatics course I planned to take? 1 of 6 sessions complete.

It doesn’t seem like a total failure, but, fresh from a romantic rejection, it’s hard to see the upside.

What can I learn from this? I didn’t succeed in everything, but I took action. I didn’t end up where I planned, but I got out of the rut I was in.


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