Roundup: Gene Therapy, Radical Decluttering, and the Calories In/Calories Out Debate

‘Weekly’ Media Roundup (Sep 9th – Sep 25th)

Well, that ‘week’ got away from me. I’ve been busy decluttering, but I have consumed lots of great information. I especially like some of the nutrition podcasts I list below.






  • dev-human – Things I was unprepared for as a lead developer
    • Interesting list of things to expect when (if) you get promoted into management
  • Matthias Felleisen – Growing a Programmer
    • Traditional university curriculums focus on teaching languages and algorithms and data structures, with little emphasis on how to design and maintain large programs. Let’s flip that script.
  • Jeff Knupp – How ‘DevOps’ is Killing the Developer
    • Stop trying to make software developers into general purpose tech workers. This might work for startups, but developers like to, you know, develop.
  • Sam Altman – Stupid Apps and Changing the World
    • Sometimes world changing apps look like toys at first. Keep on doing what you think is important.

Personal Improvement






  • Healthy Food House – They Said That Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning Is Good For You. Here Is What They Didn’t Tell You
    • TL;DR: Start drinking a glass of lemon water every morning
  • Danny Lennon – Is Your Low-Carb, My Low-Carb?
    • No one seems to agree on what low carb actually means. What should it mean?
  • Dr. Jason Fung – Why Can’t I Lose Weight?
    • This is one article from an extremely informative series on fasting. According to Dr. Fung, fasting (in any of several forms – Leangains, Eat Stop Eat, two weeks, etc) is important if you have built up insulin resistance over time, and can help your body reset itself and drop excess fat. Read this again!
  • Flowing Data – Years You Have Left to Live, Probably
    • Over 95% chance that I’ll live another 20 years? Sweet. Of course, this is totally wrong if you believe in the Singularity.

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