The Other Most Important Thing

As I’ve written about before, taking action is The. Most. Important. Thing.

But there’s another thing that’s also important: Consistency.

Over my life, I’ve wondered why certain things are so hard for me… losing weight, getting in shape for a sport, learning an instrument, finding a job.

The answer comes down to my consistency putting in the reps.

When I am losing weight, I am eating well every single day. When I’m plateauing, I am making cheat days a habit.

When I am getting in better shape, I am exercising 3, 4, 5 days a week consistently, whether or not I ‘feel’ like it. When I’m skipping days, the weights and miles don’t go up.

When I’m learning an instrument, those tricky passages start to seem a lot easier when I’m putting in the time every afternoon. When I’m prioritizing other things, the easy parts get harder.

It’s hard to look at success and not see a pattern of consistency.

Bobby Fischer, according to internet rumor (if you have a reference, please share) was obsessed with chess, and read every book about it.

The Beatles played 262 shows at one club in Liverpool over 2 1/2 years (IMDB).

Michael Phelps went 5 years without missing a workout, 365 days a year (Parenting).

What can you do?

Tell your spouse you love them every day. Show up to work early every day. Schedule your workouts on your calendar. Meditate first thing in the morning, not just when you feel like you need it.

Take action, and do it consistently.


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