Roundup: Finding Your Love Language, Research into Ketogenic Diets, and Becoming an Excellent Manager

Weekly Media Roundup (August 1st – August 15th)

My apologies; this is the second Roundup in a row that I’ve been late with. I’m about to leave the country, so I’m expecting the next one will be late. I stumbled on an exceptionally quality batch of shows and books since last time – enjoy!



  • Gary D Chapman – The Four Love Languages
    • This book should be required reading for everyone. If you haven’t read it, get it now. Learning which of the four ‘buttons’ other people respond to is invaluable, not just in love, but in work and family and friends. Teaser: the four are physical touch, words of affirmation, presence, and acts of service, and everyone has one they naturally resonate with. Buy it now.





  • TED Radio Hour – Fighting Cancer
    • Fascinating talk on detecting cancers using microRNA and new open-source drugs that could speed up the pace of research.
  • 99% Invisible – From the Sea, Freedom
    • What makes a legal state? You’d be surprised who has tried.

Personal Improvement






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