Stop Stressing: It Will Work Out!

Last week I was stressed out.

I was at the beginning of planning a trip to Vietnam. My travel partner had found a flight that worked, and we were booking our flights. My flight purchase went through.

Hers did not.

My vision blurred… all sound cut out, except for the beating of my heart. “I’m not even going to go anymore,” she said.

She searched for the flight again, and was unable to find the same deal. Now the same flight was several hundred dollars more.

I panicked.

And then we screwed our heads back on, searched for another flight, and purchased that one instead. I was able to cancel the first flight and get on the other one.

Even my ‘cancelation fee,’ charged by the website, was refunded because I booked again.

Everything worked out.

Have you ever noticed that, often, things will just work themselve out? Look, I’m not trying to make light of serious situations where things do not work out. I know people with cancer, with disabled children, with life changing injuries. These are real problems, and part of life, and often tragic and sad.

But for most everyday obstacles, things just have a way of working themselves out. Did it get dark hiking? Someone brought a light. Did you break down on the highway? Someone will come along who knows how to fix your problem or lend you a cell phone. Did you fail to get that job? Another one will come along that is just as good.

Problems have a tendency to go away.

Just a few days before I booked my flights, I sent my application for a Visa to the Vietnam consulate. They recommended that I send it via certified mail, which I did. They recommended using a money order, which comes with a receipt; I did that as well.

I also forgot to sign the application.

Several days later, I also realized that I had put my receipts (both – of money order and of certified mail) in the washer with my pants.

I was screwed.

I had no idea to know if they had received my application. I had no way to know if they would reject it because of a sloppy mistake. I had no way to know if they were sending it back.

Then I got my passport in the mail, Visa approved and attached.

Everything worked out.

I don’t know why. I don’t believe in woo-woo stuff, and you won’t catch me reading The Secret. The Universe isn’t bending to your will. God isn’t answering prayers. I believe it has to do with persistence in the face of roadblocks, creativity when looking for alternate routes, and a little bit of luck.

Often it won’t work out; sometimes you have to take the punch in the gut.

But more often, it will. So stop stressing about what might happen, be mindful and live in the present, and trust that things will work out. They usually do.


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