The Silver Bullet

Friends often ask what I did to lose 60 lbs.

The key was simpler than you might think: I drank a glass of water every morning.

Every morning, without fail, first thing: 8oz.

How could this possibly help? It started me off on the right foot. I stopped being hungry first thing in the morning, I eliminated dehydration in my life, and I was able to avoid the soda.

It changed my mindset. It made me remember that today I am going to lose some weight, and I’m going to start by drinking a glass of water.

So simple, but so incredibly effective. From the moment I started, the weight rolled off.

* * *

Reading the above, it’s not immediately obvious, but The Silver Bullet I Just Wrote About Is Bullshit*.

I do drink a glass of water every morning (when I remember!).

I did lose 60 lbs.

But it took a lot of hard work. There was no silver bullet.

Friends ask what I changed to get to where I am right now. The answer: Everything.

I like to think that if you can imagine it, I changed it. That’s not literally true, but it feels that way. It didn’t come easy. There was no key that I turned that caused the whole castle to come crashing down.

I’ve described what steps I took, in particular, that got me to where I am now, and where I want to go: How I Lost 60lbs, and How I’ll Lose the Next 20

There is no magic. To make drastic changes in your outcomes, you must make drastic changes in your methods. Take 100% responsibility for your life. Take massive action. You can do it, but it takes perseverance, consistency, and a willingness to do something different than what you have been doing.

* If you lost 60lbs by drinking a glass of water in the morning, good for you. It didn’t work for me.


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