Priorities Revisited

I’ve had a tough few weeks.

I’ve been facing burnout. I went on vacation this weekend and blew my diet. My schedule has been in flux, meaning it’s hard for me to maintain a morning routine or schedule a productive block.

I recently read an article that seems to fit. Forget To-Do Lists. Focus on This Instead. The focus, the author argues, with quotes from James Altucher, should be themes rather than todos. Do I have themes? Or do I have a giant list of shit to get done every day without any mind towards what the purpose of each thing is?

It’s time to revisit my priorities. I have so many habits, so many projects, and I’m skipping so many things I need to ask myself what’s really important? What are the goals I’m working on?

Here are my top priorities:

  • Mental – stay balanced, stay focused, and stay motivated to improve
  • Physical – continue to get into better shape, and maintain an excellent diet
  • Relationships – invest in my relationship with my girlfriend, my close friends, and grow my casual friend circles
  • Finance – continue to save money, spend money frugally, and live with an eye towards being independent
  • Career – grow my skills, and take on projects that are outside of my comfort zone

All decisions I make should fit into one or more of these buckets. All habits I’m building should contribute to these, and they shouldn’t crowd out more important habits.

This means some of my daily habits, once so important, are, for now at least, extra. When you’re trying to do too much, you end up spinning around and doing nothing at all.

Where does rejection therapy fall? Mental – but I’m not trying to overcome fear – so I’m not going to worry about it.
Where does night flossing fall? Physical – but this is pretty low on the totem pole.
What about that cooking Meetup? Relationships – but I need to focus on the friends I have.
Where does that side project fall? Career – but I need to focus on killing it at the job I have.

What are your top priorities?


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