Non Roundup: Roundup

Media Diet (May 7 – 13)

As I mentioned last week, I overloaded on content. My goal this week was to consume no new information, save fiction and research for work.

To that end, I made extensive use of Pocket to save random articles I came across. I also use Goodreads to save book recommendations for later. I’m surprised by how many articles I saved for later. I’d like to make Pocket part of my system, where I only read things from the queue.

One task I’ve been meaning to get to was to recommit to my habits. Previously, I had a number of habits in Way of Life that I’ve been consistently ignoring. I also have a few that I’m consistently achieving. So I reorganized. Instead of ignoring meditating, writing a gratitude journal, and generating a list of ideas, I grouped these into one habit. Once a day I will try to sit for 10 minutes and do just one of these. In the spirit of starting small, maybe I should start with just 1 minute?

I also have been noticing that it’s easy for me to ignore soda and cookie dough. These things are no longer part of my daily struggle. I occasionally have slips, but I think more importantly I tend to slip on processed sugar in general. While nothing comes to the level of daily intake like soda used to, I think I’ve started to develop a hidden habit of “something sweet.” I want to kick this.

It was a strange week, in some ways. When I took a walk, I asked myself which podcast I should listen to. The answer was none, and I walked in silence. When looking at Reddit or Hacker News, I would see an article that looked interesting and save it to Pocket. This didn’t stop me from refreshing Reddit regularly, or checking my Facebook page. However, I did find myself with extra focus, and worked extensively on a side project that I’ve been procrastinating on.

I can’t say I’m exciting to start consuming again. I’ve built up a bit of a backlog of articles and books, and I already have more podcasts in the queue than I can listen to. However, I’m aware that a lot of my motivation comes from being reminded and inspired, and I’ll dive back in. This time, I’ll bring some awareness with me.


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