Roundup: Meta-learning, Burnout, and Fake Armies

Weekly Media Roundup (April 29 – May 6)

I think my mind exploded this week. I drove for hours, backpacked for days, and commuted by bicycle. I hope you find something in here inspires you. I’ve grouped this list into several categories: Health, Financial/Career, Personal Development, and Fun. Here’s what I’ve listened to and read in the last week and recommend:

Personal Development


  • Tony Robbins – Awaken The Giant Within
    • I’ve held out for a while, but I finally read a Tony Robbins book. Highly recommended. Take massive action and buy it now!
  • Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements
    • Achieve personal freedom by following these four super simple rules. Highly recommended.







Short Reads:



Note: there’s a lot of meat in here, especially in The Four Agreements and Awaken The Giant Within, as well as Recovering From a Burnout and Distraction is an Obesity of the Mind. My brain is ready to explode. I’m going to try (as hard as I can – hopefully I don’t forget) to go on an information diet. I’ll only read fiction, and only listen to books I’ve read before (including The Success Principles), with the exception of research for this blog or work. Check in with me next week to see if I succeeded!


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