Taking Action: In Action

A few weeks ago I encouraged you to take action. If you haven’t read that, read it now.

Seriously, now.

Here are some things I’ve taken action on in my life, in order to live the life I want:


  • Stick to a rigorous schedule of 3 days a week lifting, 3 days a week running
  • Adhere to IF (no food before 12 or 1pm daily, stop eating at 8 or 9pm)
  • Prepare most of my food. Eat a salad or oatmeal/fruit for lunch at work every day, regardless if food is provided for me
  • Stop drinking soda completely
  • Take a cold shower daily
  • Meditate on days that I run
  • See a psychologist for mental health
  • Make my bed daily


  • Stop getting tea first thing when I walk in at the office, and start working immediately
  • Stop taking my cell phone to meetings — it’s just a recipe to screw around
  • Roll over any raises into my 401k and savings
  • Get up at 5 am and use the first hour of my day to be productive
  • Work on a startup idea with several friends


  • Attend 1 Meetup per week, in order to make friends outside of work
  • Have a goal of 1 date per month with someone new
    • (fortunately, this no longer applies 🙂
  • Actively develop my social skills by enrolling in courses like those offered by Social Pro
  • Eat dinner with my friends every Friday

Personal Development:

  • Read and listen to success oriented books, podcasts, and blogs on a daily basis
  • Join a men’s group (The Lion’s Den) oriented towards self improvement
  • Constantly take action on developing new habits and trying new ideas
  • Meet weekly with a coach to discuss progress in my life and at work
  • Write 2 blog posts per week
  • Track my habits daily using Way of Life


  • Go scuba diving once every 3 months, at least
  • Take a backpacking class and backpack 3 times per year
  • Visit the rock climbing gym 2 times per week

Now that I’ve written it down, it seems like a killer list. But I’m not done. I’m exponentially improving. What’s next?

  • Eat Soylent for 2 weeks
  • Start running using the Tibata method (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 rounds total)
  • Stop using an alarm clock to wake up early; instead, go to bed early and give my body the sleep it asks for
  • Re-read The Success Principles one chapter at a time, and implement the principles

Naturally, I won’t do it all at the same time. Habits should be introduced slowly, and I want to see whether something is effective (which is difficult if you change too many variables).

Am I missing anything important? What can I start doing to advance myself at work or improve my relationship? What do you think I should try? What should I stop doing?


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