The Importance of Taking a Break

I’ve been on fire to absorb everything I possibly could about personal improvement. I listen to podcasts whenever I’m running or washing dishes, I read blogs and success books, and watch videos produced as part of courses.

But I’m feeling full; I’m at capacity. I’ve been bombarding myself with too much information. I need a break to make sense of things, to recalibrate and remember what areas I was trying to improve on and how.

Some ideas I’ve turned into habits, other’s I’m still working on, and yet others I’ve missed the mark on and have to recommit to. And even while the concrete is still wet, I’m trying to grab onto more. I can’t build a house if my foundation is still soggy.

Here’s to stepping back for a minute, taking a few breaths, and taking a look at the map again to see where I am.


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