The. Most. Important. Thing.

Take Action.

When you realize that you need to stop fucking around in your life, you’ll find a deluge of information about things to master.

  • find your mission
  • define and track your goals
  • increase your confidence
  • meet people to date
  • meditate
  • build a morning routine
  • journal daily
  • wake up early
  • exercise daily
  • improve your nutrition
  • use supplements to boost your IQ and fitness
  • hang out with better friends
  • generate ideas
  • manage todo lists
  • get better sleep
  • reduce your anxiety
  • (insert your personal list here)

Here’s the thing: none of what you learn matters unless you put it into practice. It is more important to take action than to learn first. You can spend years sucking in information, but you are wasting your time unless you take action.

You are wasting your time unless you take action.

You are wasting your time unless you take action!

You will never be ready. Take action now. 

One of the most important books I’ve read this year is What To Do When Its Your Turn (and its always your turn) by Seth Godin.

This book was filled with important lessons. In fact, I’m going to read it again. But the key point is: take action. Do it now. Don’t let fear hold you back, don’t let not knowing what to do hold you back, don’t let failure hold you back, don’t let peer pressure hold you back. Do it.

One of my biggest problems is that I’m a consumer of information. I’ll waste hours, days, and weeks learning about something before doing anything. I’ll sit on my couch and read about how to declutter my house and how to structure the perfect diet.

But here’s the thing: nothing is going to happen if I don’t start. Starting is going to fix 80% of the problem. You think my house is cluttered because I don’t have the right organization system? No – it’s cluttered because I chronically bring in more than I get rid of. Am I overweight because my macronutrient ratio is wrong or because I’m not doing the right kind of exercises? No, I’m overweight because I’ve eaten too much fast food and I’ve gone years without doing any exercise.

I’m not saying that there’s no benefit to learning about things. Certainly when you’ve picked the low hanging fruit you can benefit from fine tuning your model. However, if you’re picking higher fruit, you’ve already taken action! You’re in motion.

What are you trying to convince yourself to do? Figure out the first step you need to take, and do it now! Do some pushups now! Meditate now! Throw away your cigarettes now! Start that new book now! Create that Meetup now!

I think Godin’s book mentions this, but I’ve heard it elsewhere: Ready, Fire, Aim. Don’t waste time trying to figure out the best way to hit a target. Try to hit the target, and when you miss readjust.

Here’s the thing about trying and failing: you’ll learn more by trying and failing than you will by reading about it and never trying. And you’ll discover that failing wasn’t so bad after all.

Get in motion now. Take action.


  • Inspiration for this largely came from Andrew Ferebee’s common refrain on Knowledge for Men – “Take massive action.”

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